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Your hard disk holds your life. Your photos, files, and personal data are all in there. Do you know your hard drive’s health status? Try the free trial of Hard Disk Sentinel today to run a quick hard disk health check in minutes.

There’s a 1 in 100 Chance Your Hard Disk will Fail in 2023

All the best data suggests the annual failure rate of hard drives is just over 1%. That means your hard drive has a 1 in 100 chance of problems this year. It’s worse if your hard drive is more than a few years old.

Six Signs You Should be Worried About Your Hard Drive’s Health

Slow folders and files

Most people complain about their computer being slow at some point. If you notice a real slowdown in disk transfer speed when opening files, your hard drive health may be low.


Failing hard drives can overheat, consuming more power and emitting strange smells. Monitoring the temperature of storage devices helps avoid damage to other components like video cards and processors.

Corrupted files

Error messages about corrupted or unavailable files indicate a failing drive. When this occurs, it’s crucial to act before all data becomes irretrievable.

Bad sectors

Most people complain about their computer being slow at some point. If you notice a real slowdown in disk transfer speed when opening files, your hard drive health may be low.

The blue screen of death

Experiencing the blue screen of death is often a sign of a failing disk. Although it may be a random computer issue, blue screens frequently precede hard disk failures.

New weird sounds

Unusual noises from your disk drive, such as clicking or screeching, should raise concerns. These sounds might signal that your storage device is on the brink of failure.

Hard Drive Failure Could Cost You

There’s money and then there are the things money cannot buy.
If your hard disk fails, which one is going to be more important?

Personal files

Photos, videos, and personal documents are among the most valuable things people store on their computers. What would you do if all of your data was gone?

Productive time

If your hard drive crashes, then you’ll lose time. You might lose a working day when you discover the crash. Then there will be more time lost trying to figure out what to do.

Data recovery

The average cost of data recovery from a hard drive could be a few hundred dollars. Data loss for businesses could easily cost thousands more. If you have valuable files or a sentimental photo collection, this might be worth it. But why pay the price?

Hard Disk Sentinel Makes
Hard Drive Health Simple

What if you could know your hard drive health in just a few minutes? Hard Disk Sentinel’s reporting technology is really that simple.
Here’s how it works.


Install the trial version

Visit the Hard Disk Sentinel website and install the free trial version. The installation process should be very quick and automatic.


Get results instantly

Don’t mess about with a command prompt window or the Windows chkdsk tool. Just open Hard Disk Sentinel and you’ll instantly see your health and performance scores. You’ll get two numbers.


Check the health and temperature

These are the two important numbers for your HDD health.
The health score is a number out of 100. The higher, the better.
The temperature is shown in Celsius and should be lower than 35° for a hard disk drive, SSDs can have higher values even up to 50 Celsius.

What to Do Next

Once you know your hard drive health status, you can decide what to do next. Depending on the results, you might have to take action soon. Here are common steps to take.

Back up data regularly

Whether your hard drive is in good shape or not, it is a good idea to back up valuable data as often as possible. Use an external drive or cloud service to create a backup.

Continue self-monitoring

If your HDD or SSD parameters are good, then it’s worth keeping an eye on them just in case. If they are bad, then close monitoring of your disk health will remind you to back up the drive and then replace it.

Download Hard Disk Sentinel Today to Check Your Hard Disk Health

You can avoid any worries about hard drive failure in the next five minutes. Simply install Hard Disk Sentinel via our download link and run your first test. Even if you spot some disk problems, now you know what to do to take care of your data.


Is Hard Disk Sentinel better than the Windows OS built-in tools?
Yes, Hard Disk Sentinel offers more details, reports, and alerts than the Windows software. HD Sentinel also tracks SMART parameters and can reveal the disk manufacturer. The built-in Windows tools do not show SMART status and may produce partial or incorrect information.
How can I test the health of my hard drive?
You could run a built-in tool or start messing about with command prompt instructions. There are built-in tools you could try. But it’s far simpler to install Hard Disk Sentinel and let us do the hard work for you. The trial version offers a quick test (Disk menu -> Short self test) and additional test functions are available in the registered (complete) version.
Can Hard Disk Sentinel back up my data?
Yes, we have a backup feature. It is not part of our free trial, but is included with the Professional plan. You can access this backup feature by purchasing a lifetime license of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional for only $33.